iPhone Web Server

I had an old iPhone 3GS lying around so figured I’d spend some of the weekend giving it a purpose: an iPhone Web Server :-o

After jailbreaking and putting on Cydia, I installed the following:

  • OpenSSH
  • Lighttpd 1.4.32
  • PHP 5.4.13
  • mySQL 5.1.68

You can install all of these straight from Cydia (make sure you use the newer version of PHP for production servers). There is, however, a helpful package from J.Anrugas which installs the last 3 using one script. Once again, make sure you use the newer versions.

After doing this I decided to give Drupal a whirl. To my surprise it installed and I got through the initial setup fine. However, as I added more data, the site slowed to a crawl. I guess that old 600MHz A8 can’t handle too much database querying :(

Next I wanted to try something lighter. There are plenty of good php forums around (vbulletin, phpbb, etc.), but these have too many bells and whistles. All I wanted was something simple, light… and no nonsense… like…

The NoNonsense Forum – What a great name!

Installation was quick and simple since there is no database creation required. Here is the site running directly from the phone:



Feel free to post, mess around, break etc. :p


Astaro Hardware Appliance for Home Use (ASG 420)

Due to an ever increasing number of devices/services being run from home, I felt it was time to upgrade my old Atom PC Astaro box to something more capable.

I’ve used Astaro for over 2 years now and it’s worked almost flawlessly (bar one small issue with it renewing the WAN IP after the connection goes down – this can be resolved by slightly changing network topology).

After searching on Ebay I ended up winning a ‘like new’ ASG 420 auction. I found it to be a very well built machine, with a good number of ports, nice bright display… and a sound I can only compare with a vacuum cleaner… and a hair dryer… being used at the same time… near the opening of a portal to hell. I should have known that a 1U was going to be loud but I’d never realised quite how loud they were in a home environment.

I tried replacing all the fans with quieter ones but that made the temperature rise to an unacceptable level. So for home use I decided to completely remove all the internal fans and have one 80mm case fan cooling the CPU.
The easiest way of doing this was to remove the 1U casing and replace it with a square of plexiglass. Then cut the relevant holes into the plexiglass and mount the fan(s).

This worked perfectly, but then the PSU fan noise started annoying me. I therefore also removed the casing of the PSU and tried cooling that with an 80mm fan. Unfortunately the airflow did not seem to be sufficient for 24/7 use. So now I have removed the PSU completely and am awaiting delivery of a stock PC PSU.

Here is the finished product (minus PSU and fans), I’ll update this post once it’s all up and running:

It will also be interesting to see whether Sophos UTM will run on this original hardware or whether I will have to stick to V8 of the Astaro software.