Taste the sunshine

I was quite interested in buying a Sun Jar (see below) but felt that for firebox.com’s crazy prices I could probably make a much better one myself.


“Collecting sunshine sounds like something a Bond villain might do on his day off, but it’s actually something the charming little Sun Jar does every day. That’s because this traditional-looking frosted glass container houses a solar cell, battery and LED lights.

The idea is to leave the Sun Jar near a window or under some decent artificial light so that it can collect energy throughout the day. Then when darkness falls it provides a warm, ambient glow.”

Sounds kinda cool. So armed with a tutorial from indestructables (http://www.instructables.com/id/Home-made-Sun-Jar/) I set out to make my own jars.


  • 2x £1 Glass jar
  • 4x £1 Garden light
  • 1x £4.49 Can of glass frosting spray

This is where I deviated slightly from the indestructbles tutorial. Using tracing paper or filter paper did not give a good effect, so instead I decided to try and use up some led’s I had left over from making throwies.

  • 2x Orange led (usually cost a few pence)
  • 2x Blue led (usually cost a few pence)


  1. Use frosting spray to coat the insides of the jars. It takes about 45 mins to dry enough to touch.
  2. Take apart the garden lights completely so that the solar panel, battery, and led board are 3 seperate parts joined by wires.
  3. Desolder the small white led’s and replace with large bright coloured led’s.
  4. Lastly mount the led assemblies inside the jars (2 per jar) using very strong double sided tape.




This works out at under £4.25 for a bigger and brighter jar. Just goes to show just how much the markup is on these things. I still had plenty of spray left over too, so by making a third jar the cost per jar would again be reduced.

Wii Fit

I purchased a Nintendo Wii with the ‘Wii Fit’ game for my parents (and myself I guess :p) a few days ago. Why? Because I’m a thoughtful son of course! They are getting on a bit now (as is anyone over about 30 in my book) and I just don’t feel they are getting the exercise they need. It’s not enough for mum to bring tea to my room as I type pointless blog entries, or for dad to chase me around the house shouting because it turned out the backdoor is actually flammable. I mean who the hell would have thought plastic panels caught fire? Not me, that’s for sure.

For those of you who don’t know what Wii Fit is; here is a brief introduction:

Wii Fit is a game for the Nintendo Wii console. It uses a unique platform peripheral called the Wii Balance Board that can measure a user’s weight and centre of gravity. The software can then calculate their body mass index when told the user’s height. The game has about 40 different activities, including yoga poses, push ups, and other exercises. Furthermore, Wii Fit allows its players to compare their fitness by using Wii Fit’s own channel on the Wii Menu.

For those of you who don’t know what a Nintendo Wii is; I guess the only way for you to fathom it is if I open my eyes a little wider and whisper “wiiitchcraft“.

So how good is this ‘Wii Fit’? I hear you ask. Pretty damn good is the answer. Apart from doing a body test at the start which measures your centre of gravity and BMI (this measurement is not the end all but a good rough guide), it also has lots of interesting exercises and games.

Game sections:

  • Yoga
    Although some of the poses are very easy, there are harder ones to unlock and getting maximum points for each pose is extremely difficult.


  • Muscle Workouts
    Once again there are easy and difficult ones. Even though I got maximum points for the push up exercise (one of the first exercises) I still found it a very effective workout.


  • Aerobic Exercise
    Lots of games to get you out of breath.
    The hula hoop game is the most fun, although you look like a bit of a twat doing it (but I should be used to that by now right?).
    There is also a jogging game which does not use the balance board – instead you hold a controller and run on the spot. It takes a while to get used to running without moving forward, but once you do this really does get you out of breath.


  • Balance games
    Fun games where you crouch, stand up, move your weight forwards and backwards, and from side to side in order to move a character or marble or whatever to the objective. Personally I’ve found the ski jump most fun so far.

I’ve always loved how innovative Nintendo are with games and this is no different; very original and fun for all the family… not to mention good for your health!

Oh and if I ever need to do a ski jump, hula 5 rings, or guide a large marble into a hole using only my feet, I will be in good stead.

wii-fit     wii-fit2

The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers (DVD)

Film synopsis:

“A Girls high school swimming team is having a competition. Aki persuades her friend, Sayaka, to join the swimming team. However, a mysterious virus is spreading throughout the school. After Aki discovers the incident and tries to tell other people, she is killed. The swimming team takes up the challenge to cope with it and begins the fierce battle.”

My review:

I don’t even know where to begin. The one thing I can’t call this film is predictable. I would go so far as to say it’s about as unpredictable as a film can be.

Remember ‘The Sixth Sense’? At the end where the audience find out that Bruce Willis is already dead? (not ‘deaf’, as my ex-friend Kash thought), well the ending of this film is about 563 times more unpredictable than that.

If an infinite number of monkeys were given typewriters and an infinite amount of time they still would not be able to come up with this ending.

In fact, I hear that the NSA are basing their new encryption algorithm on this ending.

I think you get my point.

Aside from that there’s a healthy dose of zombies, gore, fighting, breasts (the lead character’s especially – which my friend pointed out to me no less than 20 times as we watched), lesbianism, sex, pseudo-incest, evil villains, and swimming… all without constraints such as storyline, continuity, and character development; which get in the way of so many films.

So all in all, a must watch :D



I just wanted to post some pictures of my recently modded Xbox 360.
I would recommend using a Dremel. I used a unbranded rotary tool and tbh a job which would have taken me an hour or so actually took me almost a whole day… (I mean the cutting; soldering the cathodes and led’s was extra work).



The rise and rise of Humberto

Whilst deep in conversation with Miss Sanders we came upon the topic of children’s fictional characters (an important topic). It seemed odd that in all these years there had been not one giraffe. Not one!

The conclusion was simple; there is a deep prejudice against giraffes in the world of publishing. The publishers point at the giraffe and laugh. “ha ha look at that giraffe with his silly long neck, beady eyes, and grey tongue” they say. “We will cast lions, elephants, and even koala’s as the hero’s of our books hahahahahahaha *cough cough* hahaaaaa”.

Well no longer! Now there is “Humberto the Giraffe”. A giraffe children can look up to, a giraffe with speed, strength, and moral fiber. A hero for the masses.

Unfortunately there is not much information on Humberto’s life before he became a do-gooding, crime fighting, children’s giraffe.
We do know, however, that he must have spent at least some time serving his country in the Costa Rican army. He is an expert marksman/marksgiraffe, trained in explosives, and a master of unarmed/unlegged combat… but above all this he has love for the chiiiildren.

If you need someone to catch a criminal, save your cat, or even babysit; then Humberto is your giraffe.

Below are the first 2 instalments of the legend that is Humberto. They were drawn with a mouse inside an msn window, but to be honest you can hardly tell.

In our first adventure Humberto spots trouble as he is flying over a small town… (yes he acquired his pilots license in the Costa Rican army and served in ‘nam flying injured troops to safety).


In the next instalment, some dangerous criminals rob a bank as Humberto is making his weekly deposit… BIG MISTAKE.
Humberto “apprehends” one of the robbers but lets the other one go free. This is so that the thief can tell all his other criminal friends that there’s a new giraffe in town.


Some would say that this particular story is a little too graphic for a children’s book, but I would disagree. Children need to be taught early on that crime doesn’t pay. They may look distressed at first, but once you explain it is not Humberto’s blood all over the ground, they usually cheer right up.

Encore un fois!

Now, as most people (geeks) will tell you; one of the first things you install after Windows is Winrar. The reason for this is because almost all ‘original’ (read ‘pirated’) apps come in .rar format, and hence need to be extracted before installation.

So anyway… I downloaded the full version of Winrar only to find that it was itself in .rar format. So one would actually need to already have Winrar installed to extract and install Winrar. That right there is like a metaphor for my whole life.