Dell laptop charger repair

My stupid laptop charger developed a loose connection again. This happened to me about 6 months ago and I ended up buying a new charger. Well not this time; I decided to repair it by buying a cheap connector from Maplin (89p and a smile).
This is pretty much what I did:

1) Cut off connector from charger (and remove the choke thingy too if it’s close to end of wire)

2) Remove old connector from casing to double check where each wire goes


3) Hold end of wire

4) Strip

5) Strip wire ;)

6) Open new connector


7) Solder points to new connector


8) Insulate wires with tape or shrink if you are paranoid of short circuit

9) Screw connector into case


10) Stand back and test

11) Get dressed

12) Head over to the Harrow club for lunch

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