Car PC

As I was looking through old photo’s I found some of the infamous carpc which I made back in 2004. Ahhh fond memories. That little badboy was amazing, it fulfilled all my mp3, divx, and sat nav needs.




Via Epia 1300, 256MB ram, 20GB hd, itps (which allowed it all to be run off the car mains using the ignition as a switch), and a 7″ cartft widescreen monitor.

Anyway… whilst looking through these photo’s I thought of a great new business plan for a charity. Ok, so people are always collecting money for when there are earthquakes, or tsunamis, or famines. Now here’s the thing – we know where a lot of these earthquakes will happen, we know which countries are likely to be in famine this time next year, we know where things are a bit unstable and refugees will need aid. So my idea is this: “the pre-emptive charity”.

The charity comes up with likely scenarios and collects money. This way the money is available immediately when and where it is needed. If the¬†catastrophe doesn’t happen, the money is kept for another year and then refunded (we HAVE the technology).

The best thing about this is that all the money will sit in my bank account for the period between the donations and the catastrophes. As a wise man once said: 5% of a lot, is still a lot.